8 types of men who fall in love without hesitation

Scientists insist that love is born as a chemical reaction in which dopamine is involved - a hormone of reward and pleasure. Without going deep into a chemistry textbook, love can be explained from a social point of view: we suddenly find what we like about a person and focus our attention on it. And we like about the same thing - good jokes, a sports figure, a burning gaze, an ambitious character and kindness, which ideally should fit in one person, but (damn!) In reality are often divided into several separate types of men.

Carried away

This type has a peculiar scale of extremity: from an interested amateur to a desperate adventurer. The first one can learn a new dance every weekend and know more rumba tunes than a native Cuban, while the second one can quit his job for the sake of his hobby, and generally leave in the woods with a tent.What unites all these types is that it is damn interesting to listen to them, meditate on the lights in their eyes and learn from the passion for adventure and other cultures.

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Friendly joker

The most dangerous for the amorous type, who knows this textbook manhood well - a sense of humor - and exploits it almost as a craft. In such funny ones, self-confidence attracts, consisting in the possibility of giggling even at oneself, and such “anti-crisis” lightness, which seems to confirm that there are exactly as many problems in life as you pay attention.

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He has curly hair sunburned, away from the ocean to books and films, he prefers wheeled sports, knows how to talk about religious ceremonies in Bali and walks on elephants in Sri Lanka so that it is breathtaking and dislikes monotonous urban life in the style "Home-work-restaurant-house". You fall for these when you want to drastically change everything in life, to run away somewhere in the tropics and not wear heels for months.

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Kind, he is the eternal "helping hand"

He knows how to fix absolutely everything in the world, and responds to messages at any time of the day or night. Even if he has a girlfriend, he is always available and ready to come to the rescue.After you turn 35, your mother is guaranteed to stand over you and persuade you to “look at him better” if you haven’t done so in advance.

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Mr sex

He writes on Tinder first and immediately offers to meet in a cafe late-late in the evening, or simply invites to himself. He does not ask why you did not finish graduate school and do not talk about how he spends the weekend, but after five minutes, a few vulgar hints begin to list what he likes in sex and make plans for the night. Romantic girls who think of themselves as princesses in castles, it is better not to move on.

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The man is younger

He is so touching, he doesn’t know life at all and looks at you as if you came to save the world. He wants to warm up and caress, give advice and listen, give a new sweater and give him a ride to work when his bike breaks. In response, he gives you the choice of the dynamics of relationships and their schedule, which is extremely convenient for girls who are employed and selfish.

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Future president

Not to fall in love with him is extremely difficult, especially if you are a girl with ambitions. He is all so successful, busy, beautiful, well-groomed and always in some business.He's always in control, so you can relax with him, "turn off" the nervous tic and just enjoy life, but, really, only a couple of hours a day, in which he is free from work.

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He could work as a model (sorry, not a Brazilian model) and maybe even works, and you are sure that he is not gay, but he likes to pull the blanket over himself and make sure that the whole world is spinning around him The worst candidate for marriage, but not for a relationship, because his arrogance is compensated by the incredible photogenicity on Instagram and aesthetic pleasure for the eyes, which you don’t get often from our men.

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