8 interior life hacking, or how to create a designer interior without a designer

The author: Anastasia Kugaevskaya

At one fine moment of professional activity, it comes time to share the knowledge accumulated with experience. My theme was “interior life hacking”! I have been engaged in interior design for more than six years in residential and public spaces, and during this time I was able to identify the main differences, professionally created interior, from amateur! Therefore, I am ready to share with you “life hacks” that will allow you to create a harmonious, interior without a designer who will look very worthy in a stylish and professional manner.

I want to draw your attention to the details, which, unfortunately, are of secondary importance, while they together create the big picture.

Strangely enough, the elimination of typical mistakes is almost 80% of success.

So, the first mistake that we will rule out is the wrong approach to the choice of flooring and plinth. In most cases, I watched as people choose a rather expensive coating and a cheap plastic baseboard in the color of laminate or linoleum. At that time, how to do exactly the opposite.

1.If you do not walk around the house on heels and your room is not wet, then you practically do not distinguish the expensive laminate from the cheap, at the moment when it will lie on your floor. But a cheap plinth with plastic connecting elements will negate the effect of the most expensive laminate or parquet. Therefore, it is better to choose the coating itself a bit cheaper, and the framing is a bit more expensive!

2.The smaller the connecting elements, the cleaner your interior looks in the direct and figurative sense, because it also makes it much easier to clean! When washing the floor, you can not be afraid that the plastic corner element will simply fall off.

3.Another “plinth law” that can work for you (but most often works against it) is color! choosing a plinth in the color of the floor, you steal the height of the ceiling in visual perception, to the height of the plinth.That is, if the ceiling height, for example, is 250 cm, but you chose a 4 cm baseboard in the color of the floor, then visually your ceiling will appear 246! Believe it greatly affects the perception of the interior with a low and without the ceiling! Please note that in the following illustration, how the interior is perceived, if the baseboard has a greater color contrast with the floor than with the wall! Plinth in the color of the wall returns her visual perception of height! Making the room more spacious!

Armed with this knowledge, it remains to use it correctly! A little more about color, height and shape.

If you want to make a contrast plinth, but your ceiling is not higher than 260 cm, then the plinth should not be high (4 to 6 cm), otherwise the ceiling will seem lower again, also it is better not to complicate its shape, if the plinth is in color to the color of the wall or painted in the color of the wall, then its height may be 6-10 cm or more, so some experiments with the form will be relevant here. If you choose a classic profile, keep in mind that you will need to maintain it in style, you don’t have to do the whole interior in the classics, for example, the external curtain rails in the Scandinavian style will suffice, for example, the classic profile will suit ethno, boho and so on.

4.Another very important thing: not to combine different types of flooring in small rooms, it will split up the space, interfere with the general perception, force you to use connecting elements that do not add beauty! Even if you did it, it is better to refrain from arcs and curvilinearity!

5.Another typical mistake, eliminating which, you will manage to create a more interesting space! All you need to get rid of the related combinations of three colors: brown, brown and brown ... In fact, related combinations, to make competently, much more difficult than contrast. But people are afraid of color experiments, afraid that they will get tired of the color, and, therefore, all as one, they buy everything beige and brown. In fact, this fear is not groundless! The fact is that in tinting and choosing colors there is a secret too! The color must be complex, in other words, its formula must be complex (there must be three or more pigments), black pigment must be present in it, it will make the color calm, natural, even if it is dark and saturated. In any construction shop, you can see the fan of such complex colors,they will be as if with a shade of gray, but do not be afraid, they will not look “dirty” on the wall, against that, such a color in the interior will look noble.

For many, I am sure it will become a real find and a way to make your dream of an extraordinary and bold interior that will not look pretentious! By the way, the right choice of colors will make the painted walls more interesting than the walls with wallpaper (especially if expensive wallpapers are chosen incorrectly), which will also allow you to save a lot and reduce the risk of falling into a trouble, and throw money away!

6.To brown consciously! If you still decide to stop at brown! it is worth remembering that this color does not like cheap materials, if a tree is a tree and not “under the tree”!

7.And in conclusion, I will share one more little secret, but I will not dwell in detail, the fact is that similar rules (as for plinths) exist for ceiling moldings (which are popularly called ceiling plinths). If we paint the eaves in the color of the walls, we visually add additional height to the walls. Only the cornice should be painted before installation, and not after it, just like the plinth!

8. If it is possible to order laminated windows and wooden window sills, it is better to allocate a budget for this rather than expensive wallpaper, if possible you should completely exclude all plastic, various corner plates and connectors, you should not diversify with finishing, it is better to make the “box” concise, contrasts of textures to introduce at the expense of curtains and furniture, especially since it will be easier to change it later!

Of course, this is still far from all the information, but it will make it possible to eliminate errors at the initial stage (regardless of the chosen style), those that would not have been fixed in the future without repair.

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