8 dresses, without which summer can not do

In 2016, a dress is actually more than a dress. It can easily adapt to your schedule of the day and take a variety of guises depending on the things with which you combine it, and also be transformed from a dress into a top, and from a top into outerwear. In this compilation, we have collected 8 variants of dresses, among which there are also fashionable novelties of the season, and always topical models, and one thing unites them - in the summer you will definitely want to wear them more than once, and you will not want to part with some for months.

Knitted dress stocking

In a knitted dress in spring and in cool summer evenings, you feel "at ease", and in this model, the overly closed cut is compensated for by the fact that the dress is tight-fitting like a second skin.

Knitted dress-stocking Pull and Bear

Pull and Bear Knitted Stocking Dress (1 799 rub.)

Dress with lowered shoulders

This dress style in summer risks becoming wildly popular in view of the fact that democratic brands have massively picked up the trend for clothes with a low shoulder line. Specifically, our chosen model looks weightless and airy at the expense ofalmost invisible strapless - such a dress would definitely want to take with you on vacation, and in the city to wear in the hottest time.

 Dress with lowered shoulders H & M

Dress with lowered shoulders H & M (1 499 rub.)

Suede dress

This dress is unlikely to be an impulsive purchase, as a tribute to fashion trends, and rather - a deliberate and balanced purchase for the future. With good care and neat wearing, suede clothes are stored as new by far more than one season and in the wardrobe acquire the status of special and dearly loved ones.

Suede Uterque Dress

Suede dress Uterque (20 990 rub.)

The most simple dress in the "new black" color

If you look for a replacement for the smallest black dress for the summer, then provided that the cut is laconic, you can consider any shades - chocolate, wine-burgundy, beige, brick-orange, dark blue, etc. We stopped at the dark green military-color that looks stylish with gold jewelry, tanned skin and all shades of brown.

The most simple dress in the "new black" color Bershka

The most simple dress in the "new black" color Bershka (1 999 rubles)

T-shirt dress

In summer this dress will definitely not “hang out” for long in the closet unnecessarily, because it can be made with sportswear, wearing with leggings and sneakers, and everyday with short pants and a bomber jacket and comfortable uniforms for travel and flights.

Adidas T-shirt Dress

Denim Jacket Dress

It’s very easy to get hooked on things that can be found in several applications at once, because they make life so easy because they know how, for example, the denim dress we chose, to be at the same time a dress, a jacket, a beach kimono, and even country dressing gown. And in a travel suitcase this thing will save space, because for the sake of it you can sacrifice others and facilitate your luggage.

Zara Denim Jacket Dress

Dress with zapAH

In this dress you can live several lives over the summer: go to work to wear it, put on a weightless raincoat, spend whole weekends in the parks without getting out of your favorite white sneakers, and then make the most memorable photos from the beach on vacation and wear the sea Its solely solo - no underwear and barefoot.

MINKPINK dress with zapAh

Dress tunic with embroidery

Even accessories and jewelery are not needed for this model of the dress - due to the embroidery and laces, it looks decorative and intricate, and you can wear it not only as a beach dress over a swimsuit, but also as a city tunic - in combination with light-colored jeans. denim and gladiator sandals.

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