8 dresses from little-known Russian brands, which should be bought

Russian designers have a hard time living: it just so happened that the fashion industry in the West took shape much earlier than ours, and the work of “native” designers is not trusted or at least not taken seriously when it comes to buying. In the eyes of most ordinary people, Russian designers are divided into two groups - very expensive and inaccessible, which dress our media people, and informally strange (and, by the way, most often too expensive!), Whose collections have nothing to do with ordinary life. This point of view has its own truth, but we decided to try to find a middle ground and before the onset of summer we set ourselves a difficult, but as it turned out, mission to be accomplished is to find a few dresses from little-known Russian designers who will like us so much that they want to get acquainted with the brand .

Asya Malbershtein

Brand Asya Malbershtein has become famous for the production of leather accessories, and their sashes and basques made of leather are still the most recognizable item under the brand name. I must say that the brand took the brand seriously. For example, the same dresses in the collection are only 18 pieces, but original models are present - for example, long back and short front dresses-shirts or leather sundresses in the spirit of "50 shades of gray."

The average price of a dress: 10 000 rubles.

Photo posted by ASYA_MALBERSHTEIN (@asya_malbershtein)Feb 19 2016 at 2:37 PST


Dresses from the last Roseville collection inexorably remind you of the aesthetics of the 50s, as if it were Dolce & Gabbana, but for younger clients who were guided by the second D & G line. The silhouette certainly emphasizes the figure, the waist is always in place, the shoulders are lowered, and the pattern on the fabric causes nostalgia and affection, as if these are actually things from the past and not from the present.

The average price of a dress: 15 000 rubles.

Photo posted by Roseville (@roseville_ru)May 6 2016 at 5:21 pdt

Luda Nikishina

Designer Luda Nikishina began her career 8 years ago with the production of coats, and in the most noble materials like cashmere or angora. Now the collection has expanded, but on a modest scale: shoes (sleepers) appeared,hooligan sweatshirts (including those with the inscription Heavy Metal) and absolutely the latest mood dresses with hand embroidery, floral prints and deep slits.

The average price of a dress: 18 000 rubles.

Photo posted by Luda Nikishina Coats & Furs (@ludanikishina_coats)May 9 2016 at 9:00 PDT

Oh my

The brand Oh, my works clearly with three or four colors, does not bother with prints and does emphasized basic things for those who are not looking for something such as such, but, on the contrary, tortured to go shopping in search of the simplest white t-shirt or black dresses without flaws.

The average price of a dress: 1,500 rubles.

Photo published by Oh, my (@ohmy_ru)Apr 24 2016 at 10:27 PDT


Mark 12Storeez came up with twin sisters Marina and Irina Golomazdina from Yekaterinburg. The concept came out in time with seasonal trends, but without kinking in extravagance. Most of the dresses look feminine and at the same time comfortable: there are knitted dresses on the floor and the notorious “nightie”, but dresses with a reference to a Turgenev girl - with frills, prints and a skirt-sun prevail.

The average price of a dress: 8 000 rubles.

Photo posted by 12STOREEZ.COM❤️Clothing (@ 12storeez)May 6 2016 at 9:54 am PDT

Daria Bardeeva

Designer Daria Bardeeva has already managed to create several clothing lines under her own name.There are more affordable "office" sets with pencil skirts and dresses in the spirit of the first collections of Victoria Beckham, and ceremonial dresses for events, and a wedding collection. Dresses are expensive, but look much more interesting than the work of many Russian designers working in the same price category.

The average price of a dress: 17 000 rubles.

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