7 secrets of creating comfort in a small kitchen

Even the smallest kitchen can be made comfortable. It is difficult to believe those who are familiar with the situation in which the door of an open refrigerator almost rests against the table opposite. And yet, if it takes only a couple of steps to cross your kitchen, you should not despair. Rational use of space in conjunction with other design tricks work wonders.

The presence of reflective surfaces

For a small kitchen, gloss and glass will be a real find. The glitter of the tile, the laminated surface of the kitchen set, the presence of metal and mirror details in the decor are simply necessary. Due to the reflective surfaces of the kitchen room visually increases.

Using the corners and sill areas

Do not neglect the corners. It is easy to place a table or sink. It is also possible to supplement the space with open hanging shelves or lockers. Use in some cases, you can even sill.At the same time it is worth taking care of access to radiators.

Color spectrum

It is a mistake to believe that only neutral colors are appropriate in a small kitchen. In some cases, light shades of blue and green are even preferable. These colors are able to visually expand the space both by themselves and in combination with white or beige.

Smart furniture

Lack of clutches gives a feeling of spaciousness. That is why in a small kitchen folding or sliding furniture will become a real boon. In addition, the ability to remove the dining group as a whole, or its individual elements, during a period of inactivity, will allow you to move freely.

Comfortable lighting

Ideally, additional lamps should be present in the area of ​​the working wall. The presence of spot lighting in a small kitchen is also not superfluous. Such a design step is appropriate even with very good natural light sources.

Ergonomics above all

Your place should be here not only in the technology, but also in each individual item. The presence of rails or additional slats for kitchen utensils and the use of space under the ceiling will be useful.Up in this case, it is easy to hide what is used less often, and below to place things that are constantly in use.

The simpler the better

Prefer simple geometric shapes. Clear lines are welcome not only in furniture, but also when decorating walls and floors. Another secret is monochrome. The design should contain no more than three colors, but it is better to do with two.

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