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Stunned anecdotes

If the boss swears that you are laughing at work, just smile softly. Now you know something that will give no less positive than the jokes themselves from our fresh selection. And the thing is this: smiling people get more financial benefits than their gloomy brethren! Working with people and sincerely smiling at them when contacting, there is a chance to receive an additional payment of +/- 1.5 times! In addition, sincerely smiling emotional people are more likely to take a job based on the results of the interview and even offer them a higher rate than their harsh colleagues.

Yes, and other buns, which for some reason get to one, but not to others - are directly connected with a smile. So if you push elbows at the clinic to “just ask,” do it with a smile, and you will not face fair retribution. But it is not exactly.

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