7 effective remedies against the "orange peel"

Gender predisposition and statistics are stubborn things. If it is proved that 95% of women have cellulite, then it is. It is useless to argue with this fact, but it is not necessary to put up with it. Proper nutrition, sports, anti-cellulite massage, hardware techniques, wraps and home care with the help of effective means - and now the “orange peel” is getting smaller every day. We talk about the most, perhaps, the best cosmetic products against cellulite.

Body Desserts Moroccan Orange Souffle, Organic Shop

Not only fights cellulite, it also makes you happy with the scent. The composition of the soufflé is quite impressive: the essential oils of red orange, sea buckthorn, Moroccan argan, cinnamon and nutmeg. Thanks to these components, there are several actions at once: blood circulation is accelerated, skin cells are filled with nutrients, fat burning and regeneration processes are started, the processes of formation of subcutaneous fat deposits are stopped.With regular use of the "orange peel" means becomes less noticeable, the skin is pulled up and smoothed, and also gets additional nutrition and moisturizing. Among other advantages - economical consumption and affordable price.

Anti-cellulite body soufflé Body Desserts Moroccan Orange Souffle, Organic Shop

Anti-cellulite soufflé for the body Body Desserts Moroccan Orange Souffle, Organic Shop (286 rub.)

Wrapping cold "Blue Lakes", Thalasso Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica is famous for its cosmetics with natural ingredients, which quite well cope with their duties. At the heart of the cold wrap is the thermal water of the Blue Lakes, a fucus extract (this is a type of brown algae) and a bearberry extract. The ingredients work together, providing a powerful anti-cellulite effect. After applying the product, you will feel a pleasant chill, due to which the skin will begin to warm up on its own, while at the same time there are processes of splitting fat deposits and improving the structure of the skin. As a result, even the most persistent cellulite will succumb and will melt before our eyes, smoothing unaesthetic tubercles. In addition to the pronounced anti-cellulite effect, the wrapping saturates the skin with oxygen, moisture, vitamins, minerals and salts. An additional bonus is the slowing down of the natural aging processes of the skin and its protection against the action of free radicals.

Wrapping cold "Blue Lakes", Thalasso Natura Siberica

Cold wrap “Blue Lakes”, Thalasso Natura Siberica (439 rub.)

Aqua Slimmer Anticellulite Ultra-Rapid, Venus

Ultra-fast anti-cellulite gel works while you are taking a shower: the new patented formula starts working when in contact with water, maximally opening the pores and allowing the ingredients to go deeper and act from the inside. A high concentration of active substances helps fight even persistent fat deposits for a minimum amount of time. In the composition you will find seaweed extracts, sea salt, caffeine (as we know, an excellent fat burner) and trace elements, as well as microscopic granules, which, in addition to all, perfectly scrub the skin, removing dead cells. The latter property helps to achieve relief, elasticity and smoothness of the skin. The gel can be applied on any problem area of ​​the body.

Anti-cellulite shower gel Aqua Slimmer Anticellulite Ultra-Rapid, Venus

Anti-cellulite shower gel Aqua Slimmer Anticellulite Ultra-Rapid, Venus (550 rub.)

Line Killer X-treme Body Sculpt Premium, Rexaline

This tool is not for nothing called the sculptor of the figure - it really works no worse than liposuction. The cream works immediately on four fronts: eliminates any hint of cellulite, negates stretch marks, reduces the volume and moisturizes the skin.It is also difficult to find fault with the composition of the product; in the laboratory, Rexaline has thought of everything to the smallest detail. Here you will find caffeine, which accelerates the burning of body fat; Centella extract, which restores cellular metabolism; Needle extract, which provides a drainage effect; Elastonyl peptide, which eliminates stretch marks; shea butter and mango, which nourish, soothe and moisturize the skin; Vitamin E and wild rose oil, which are powerful antioxidants, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and smooth the already formed ones. To apply a cream on a body is a pleasure. It is quite dense, quickly absorbed, does not leave sticky and greasy marks. It begins to act instantly, exactly the same way as to have a visible effect.

Anti-cellulite firming cream for the body Line Killer X-treme Body Sculpt Premium, Rexaline

Anti-cellulite tightening body cream Line Killer X-treme Body Sculpt Premium, Rexaline (7 700 rub.)

Cellutox Active Body Oil, Elemis

This oil is impossible not to notice on the shelves of stores, at least because of the stylish and original design. In a rich blue bottle there is an oil rich in essential oils of lemon and juniper, as well as buckthorn and fennel extracts, which remove excess water, slags and toxins from the skin, thereby smoothing its surface and significantly reducing the appearance of cellulite.To enhance the effect of the drug by 2-3 times, it is recommended to use it after a shower and massage it (preferably anti-cellulite). The result will be noticeable after two weeks of regular use: the skin noticeably tighten, become elastic, silky and well-groomed. The smell of oil is very pleasant, so during use it may seem that you are in a confectionery store full of lemon drops. By the way, the tool does not leave a greasy and sticky film, it is absorbed completely and without residue!

Anti-cellulite detox body oil Cellutox Active Body Oil, Elemis

Anti-cellulite detox-oil for the body Cellutox Active Body Oil, Elemis (3 270 rub.)

Crema Liporiducente Cosce-Glutei, Tourmaline Guam

This cream by its action can be compared with lipolitics, which are pricked for splitting fatty deposits and reducing the volume in problem areas. The pronounced anti-cellulite effect is achieved thanks to the micronized black tourmaline in the product, which is famous for its ability to perceive heat and reflect it back. As a result, under the action of microparticles of the stone, deep layers of skin warm up, microcirculation, active substances (seaweed, horse chestnut, ivy, birch leaves, shea butter,caffeine and methyl nicotinate) penetrate, splitting fatty deposits and removing excess water, thereby reducing the signs of cellulite. The results are visible almost immediately: the skin acquires a healthy radiance and velvety, its relief becomes smooth, elasticity and tightness are restored. Regular use of the cream does not just reduce the signs of cellulite, but reduces the volume (on average, you can lose 2-3 cm).

Crema Liporiducente Cosce-Glutei, Tourmaline Guam

Crema Liporiducente Cosce-Glutei, Tourmaline Guam (2 325 rub.)

Birken Cellulite-Ol, Weleda

This birch oil made a good part of the bloggers who were eager to get rid of the orange peel at any cost. It consists of only natural ingredients, at the head of which, naturally, young leaves of birch. It is in their action that the whole secret is kept ... Birch contains unique biologically active substances that improve lymphatic drainage, metabolism and blood circulation. Moreover, the extract of its leaves removes slags and toxins, which also reduces the severity of cellulite. Accelerating blood and enhancing metabolic processes, phytocomponents literally make fatty deposits that form cellulite dissolve. This tool does not contain any preservatives, dyes, flavors, silicones and mineral oils - everything is only useful and natural.

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