7 best masks with lifting effect

A toned and smooth face is about genes. Wrinkles can be formed absolutely at any age, and in most cases the genetic predisposition is to blame. Just look at your grandmother and mom, as soon as it becomes clear what to expect from your skin. This is very convenient, because the inevitable aging process can be postponed. To do this, it is enough to do caring procedures, use high-quality cosmetics from the age of 20 and do not forget about lifting. We decided to tell about the most effective lifting masks.

Face-in-shot Mask Age Cure, The Oozoo

Fabric mask from the popular brand in Korea The Oozoo - a real find for those who want to quickly and easily pull up the oval face and hide from prying eyes wrinkles, not only mimic. It works instantly, and all thanks to innovative technology and active ingredients (beta-glucan, ectoin and rock-wool), which penetrate the structure of the skin, smoothing and pulling all unnecessary. In addition to the expressed rejuvenating effect, Face-in-shot Mask Age Cure has moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties, and also gives the skin a pleasant glow.When using note: first you need to open the white valve on the package, then insert into it the syringe attached to the mask and inject its contents inside. We open the packaging and apply the mask. Most importantly, after removing it, the serum residues do not need to be washed off - they need to be tapped into the skin with a patting motion for better effect.

Face-in-shot Mask Age Cure, The Oozoo

Face-in-shot Mask Age Cure, The Oozoo (4 800 rub.)

Perfect Mask, 3LAB

This lifting mask was called “ideal” - so it is. It minimizes age imperfections, visibly tightens the facial contours, even eliminates nasolabial folds, even for a while. Ingredients: synthetic growth hormone Nano-Claire GY, which has the properties to reverse the aging process; Matrixyl component that enhances the production of natural elastin and collagen; simglucan, which totally moisturizes the skin, stimulates regeneration processes; green tea extract, which has a powerful antibacterial and antioxidant effect; extract of ginkgo biloba, which stimulates blood circulation and accelerates metabolic processes in cells. In general, only natural and healthy ingredients! Even a single use of Perfect Mask gives results, and not only rejuvenating: the texture and skin color is improved, the pores are cleaned,cells are saturated with moisture and nutrients. However, this miracle mask has one small drawback - this is its price. But we remember that beauty requires not only sacrifices, but also investment.

Lifting mask Perfect Mask, 3LAB

Lifting mask Perfect Mask, 3LAB (8 883 rub.)


It is strange to hear this, but this mask includes the extract of the swallow's nest ... It is a completely organic product, rich in minerals, amino acids and microelements. It is mined in the countries of Southeast Asia and on the shores of the South China Sea, where the swallows of the salangan species live. These birds build their homes from shells, seaweed and mollusks, which are held together with saliva. This is the basis for this mask. "Secret component" allows you to achieve incredible results. The mask instantly restores radiance to the skin, tightens the facial contours, smoothes wrinkles, evens tone and even brightens pigmentation (not completely, but the effect is noticeable to the naked eye).

Lifting mask with dovetail nest extract, NO: HJ

Lifting mask with dovetail nest extract, NO: HJ (159 rub.)

The Lifting and Firming Mask, La Mer

The mask for which your skin will say only thank you. The Lifting and Firming Mask - a real beauty bomb, packed in a small jar. It restores the structure of the skin.Regular use of the mask enhances the production of collagen, fills wrinkles, significantly increases the elasticity and density of the skin, tightens the facial contour, nourishes the skin with beneficial substances that are contained in seaweed stem cells. The tool has a prolonged effect: each new use of it more noticeably transforms the skin, and when the “magic elixir” is over, the skin will become smooth and smooth, which was in his youth. Such is the facelift without a visit to plastic surgeons.

Lifting mask The Lifting and Firming Mask, La Mer

Lifting mask The Lifting and Firming Mask, La Mer (15 036 rub.)

Time To Revitalize Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask, Ahava

The lifting mask not only tightens the contours of the oval face, but also improves the appearance of the skin as a whole, eliminates signs of fatigue and stimulates cellular renewal. The composition of the product consists of extremely useful components: Dead Sea minerals, fruit acids, argan oil, sigegbekia extract, glycerin, extracts of almond and goji berries, aloe. All the ingredients work together, providing an instant effect: for some 10 minutes the skin becomes radiant, healthy and well-groomed, wrinkles are smoothed, swelling disappears, silkiness appears, pores narrow.The texture of the mask is also pleasant - gel, due to which there is a qualitative moisturizing. No stickiness and fat content after washing off with beauty products is not felt. An excellent option, when you need to quickly get together for an important event, but did not have time to visit a cosmetologist.

Lifting Mask Time To Revitalize Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask, Ahava

Lifting Mask Time To Revitalize Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask, Ahava (3 870 rub.)

The True Rich Cream, I’m Sorry For My Skin

Manufacturers do not regret the impregnation for their masks - this is an indisputable fact, so after using them, the skin literally "sinks" in the good sense of the word. That's the whole secret! The epidermis absorbs as much as it needs, instantly transforming, with the maximum effect not immediately, but after a few days. The mask provides skin hydration for 120 hours thanks to the patented AMF complex, and plankton extract is responsible for the lifting effect: the skin's elasticity and firmness are noticeably increased, wrinkles are smoothed, the facial contour is tightened, the relief and turgor are improved. Creamy texture of the mask does not increase glossiness, so you can use the product to owners of absolutely any type of skin.

Lifting mask The True Rich Cream, I’m Sorry For My Skin

Lifting mask The True Rich Cream, I'm Sorry For My Skin (349 rub.)

Lifting Replenishing Mask Swiss Line, Cell Shock

A cream mask with a powerful lifting effect restores dry and dehydrated skin, has a prolonged effect and fills wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. It is suitable for the care not only for the fading, but also for young skin, which began to show the first signs of aging. The mask contains a rich vitamin-mineral complex, which penetrates deep into the epidermis, has a tightening and nourishing effect, improves blood circulation, enhances natural regeneration processes, eliminates any signs of fatigue, and also removes excess fluid from the tissues, thereby removing puffiness. No more bags under the eyes, swollen faces in the morning and sagging cheeks - this mask will adjust, tighten and remove everything! Thanks to the active oxygen contained in the skin, after using beauty products, it becomes fresh, young, rested and airy.

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