6 proven beauty tools that work instantly

Intensive moisturizing mask Thalgo

A find for owners of dry and sensitive skin, especially in winter, when temperature fluctuations affect the condition of our skin. Within ten minutes, Cold Crew Marine restores tone and relieves discomfort, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Works well after clay masks, which are dried. The skin becomes silky like a peach. And even this mask is convenient to apply in "field" conditions - the remnants of the remedy can be removed with a napkin.

Intensive moisturizing mask Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Mask

Intensive moisturizing mask Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Mask (2 690 rub.)

Obagi Exfoliating Facial

It is a cleanser with exfoliating effect from the professional Obagi brand. In the composition - granules, which delicately clean the blocked pores and remove dead cells. The effect is noticeable after a couple of uses. Among other bonuses - the return of skin turgor, leveling the tone of the face, making the skin soft and well-groomed.The week of application means comparable to the procedure HydraFacial.

Obagi Exfoliating Facial

Obagi Exfoliating Facial (2 850 rub.)

Revitalizing Flash Mask Dr. Brandt

When this mask was first put on sale, many people were wary of the new product: an oxygen mask that works when applied — how is it? But very convenient and effective. At the heart of the Oxygen Facial Mask formula with liposomal oxygen spheres, which, in contact with moisturized skin, are activated and begin to work. After five minutes, you need to wash it off and apply a serum and moisturizer. The face looks visibly refreshed, the skin is not dull, but filled with energy. The tool is a magic wand for those who have forgotten to use night care or have suddenly received an invitation for a date.

Facial Cleansing Face Mask Brandt

Facial Cleansing Face Mask Brandt (2 715 rub.)

Sisley Night Toxin Remover

Far from being new to the beauty arena, Botanical D-Tox remedy restores skin after parties and lack of sleep. In fact, the tool is designed for a course of 1 month and promotes cell regeneration and elimination of toxins from the depth of the cells. In addition, it perfectly removes the signs of fatigue, gives the skin hydration and noticeably prettier appearance.The effect of it is noticeable after a couple of applications, and especially thrifty young ladies (after all, the miracle cure is not cheap) use it occasionally - when you need to look like a rested and blooming rose in the morning, and sleep lasted only a couple of hours.

Sisley Night Toxin Remover

Night remedy for removing toxins Sisley (14 690 rub.)

Mask for the skin around the eyes "Shining eyes" Cettua

Flight? Do not get enough sleep? Need to look good? Eye patches will help correct the situation by removing the swelling under the eyes, brightening the bruises and adding shine. Among the budget brands, the Korean Cettua is doing an excellent job with this task. The Shining Eye Mask contains arbutin, rice bran extract and aloe. It is enough to stick patches on the previously cleaned skin around the eyes for 15-25 minutes and go about your business. Patches are securely fixed on the skin and do not try to jump off, which is another plus in their favor. Of course, it will not cope with severe cases (sleep will help you, as well as reduction of water consumption in the evening), but with simple ones it works with a bang.

Mask for the skin around the eyes "Shining eyes" Cettua

Mask for the skin around the eyes "Shining eyes" Cettua (330 rub.)

Double Dare Omg Hair Mask

Everyone seemed to be talking about the Double Dare Omg brand this year. And not by chance.Whatever means, the object of aesthetic pleasure and real results. Among the successful products is a three-component hair mask.

How it works? First, you are offered to wash your hair with a healthy shampoo (washes your hair perfectly, but they are soft and do not get confused), then apply a regenerating mask with protein, omega-3, 6, 7 acids, argan oil and vitamin E over the entire length and massage the scalp . The next stage: put on a warming mask-cap impregnated with collagen and keratin (do not wash off the mask of the second stage) on the head and leave for 10-15 minutes. After all these manipulations and expectations, rinse your hair, apply your usual means, dry and enjoy the result. Hair color becomes brighter, hair glistens, they are smooth, volume appears. It is a pleasure to make such a mask on the eve of important events.

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