5 ways to adapt the wardrobe for the office

In order to look appropriate and at the same time stylish in the office, it is not at all necessary to re-shape the wardrobe and buy strict and “fresh” things. Woman’s Day knows how to get by with a little blood, making harmonious business kits from the usual outfits.

Surely every girl in the wardrobe has things familiar to everyone in casual style. They look appropriate on a walk, on a date or during a trip out of town, but are hardly suitable for a business lunch or conference. We are sure: they are much more universal than it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to make sets and choose accessories correctly! We explain on the example of key wardrobe items how to create a stylish bow that fits into the framework of an office dress code.


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This is probably the most popular item of clothing! Each girl should have at least three or four pairs for different occasions or weather conditions. Jeans - an indispensable thing to create a casual-image.But they can be included in the business wardrobe. For office style, models of any shade are suitable: blue, black, blue and even white.

To match the dress code, it is enough to equip them with a monochromatic silk top, gray, black or dark blue jacket, as well as a pair of classic shoes - pumps with heels or men's shoes. As for the style, it is better to give preference to narrowed or straight silhouettes. And remember: no crystals, embroidery or holes - in the office it is inappropriate.

Bright sweater

What to wear to the office: photo
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Even an unusual jumper with a funny pattern or lettering can be added to the business wardrobe! In this case, you can play on the contrast: a colorful sweater perfectly complement the classic black or gray pants.

That he will become the very necessary bright accent that will transform your image. By the way, under it you can wear a white shirt with a turn-down collar: it will emphasize the severity of the set. And do not forget the bag! The accessory should be as concise and functional as possible.

Knitted dress

What to wear to the office: photo
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With the onset of cold weather, sweater dresses turn into real must-have! Without "absolutely not enough," especially when drawing up a kit for the office.We offer to pay attention to models in the oversize style, as well as to pencil-length dresses, knee-length and below.

In everyday life, a similar thing can be combined with a leather jacket and sneakers, and in the office - with heels and a classic coat. A wide leather belt will help emphasize feminine curves.

Romantic blouse

What to wear to the office: photo
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Each girl has a collection of a pair of delicate blouses with ruffles or lace. We have news for you! Such things can be worn not only on dates or celebrations! A blouse with frills will look cool with a gray or black pencil skirt and a jacket in tone. In case you do not want to show “decor”, you can throw a cashmere cardigan or a laconic thin wool jumper over the top.

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