32-year-old Amber Heard showed perfect buttocks

The former wife of Johnny Depp - the very embodiment of sex.

The brightest representative of the Hollywood dream factory quite often teases fans on Instagram with spicy photos on vacation. And this time it was not without her beautiful and elastic buttocks in a white bathing suit. Of course, the actress can use the bonuses of a free woman and passionately show the former that they have lost. Recall, Amber and Johnny Depp broke up two years ago, and the relationship with billionaire Ilon Muskom turned into a friendly channel.

Photo: @amberheard

The actress admitted that she carefully watches the figure, but the blonde is not engaged in exhausting workouts in the gym. Fans and envious persons of an ideal figure guess, in what a secret of harmony of the woman.

In an interview, Amber admitted that the most important thing is thoughts. If a girl is positively tuned, then she will seem to glow from the inside with joy and health. And this state will be the main motivation for going to the gym.It is also important to eat right, but do not strictly restrict yourself, otherwise there is a greater likelihood of failure. The actress loves to run, so the extra calories do not threaten her. A woman prefers to cook herself and not eat in restaurants. This is the only way to control what you eat. Of course, the guarantee of a beautiful appearance is skin care. The artist believes that moisturizing creams should be in the beauty arsenal of every girl.

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