I used to think that vases exist solely to put flowers in them, and hide empty vases on the mezzanine until the next occasion. And not so long ago I bought myself an interesting copy, which just does not look with flowers. And so I decided to search for ideas on the unusual use of vases on the Internet, and share my finds with you.

It is perfectly possible to use vases in the kitchen, and for very practical purposes. For example, to make a knife holder with the help of cereals or bamboo sticks:




It is convenient to place kitchen equipment in them:

interior decor  

Even ordinary cocktail straws in a beautiful vase look interesting:

One of the most obvious uses for vases in decor is compositions with candles, regular or floating. As a filler, use anything. Natural flowers:

Christmas balls:

Various cereals:

Fresh berries:

Dry twigs:

Wine corks:

Sea stones:

Bright fruits look original in large glass vases:

And the gifts of autumn:

A transparent wide vase can serve as a container for plant compositions:

Very unusual look in such vases and vintage gizmos:

Bringing sand from each vacation, you can make up a vivid history of your travels in vases:


With the help of a vase decorate your house with a composition of seashells or sea glasses:

Even a collection of old buttons in a vase looks like an interesting art object:

There is a place for vases in the bathroom. If you use coffee beans or colored granules, you get a convenient organizer for cosmetic brushes:

Vases with a wide neck - excellent stand for combs and curling:

And such compositions are not only beautiful, but also comfortable, because every object is clearly visible in them:

And in vases can be stored toothbrushes:

Or even toilet paper:

Large floor vases will serve as supports for umbrellas or sports equipment:

A vase with a narrow neck and a wide base will turn into a stand for jewelry:

The next option will undoubtedly appeal to lovers of knitting - in a transparent vase you can clearly see which balls of flowers you have left, and this piece of furniture looks bright and interesting:

Vases are useful for storing stationery:

And if you glue a regular vase with a cork sheet, you will have an unusual board memory:

An interesting idea is to decorate glass vases with old photos:

Who said that vases should stand upright? If you make a mounting system, it is quite possible to put them:

Another interesting idea is to use a large ceramic vase as a magazine:

And sometimes in your vases can be the most unexpected things:

Inspire and create with pleasure.

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