18 ideas for the use of plastic packaging boxes at home and in the country

  • Anonymous

    swings and shelves for the green wall, the rest is ugliness

  • Anonymous

    Why in the house to drag garbage?

  • Tatyana

    Home can and should not be dragged, and at the cottages very useful!

  • Anonymous

    Chairs, tables for 5 minutes. These boxes will quickly fall apart under the weight, and even under the sunlight they become fragile.

  • Anonymous

    One green wall, the rest is shit

  • Oltaviro

    And in the rubbish heaps are still unclaimed ...

  • a sofa, a green wall, a swing, an ottoman.
    the rest is ugly.
    in the padded drawer and can not see

  • Tamara

    She killed "ideas" with swings suspended from the tree. Question to the parents: stuffing the child’s legs into the slot in the drawer, did you turn on the brains?
    I think that for the garage and storage there the iron-idea is good. And in the house ... how do you need to be mean to live with such “furniture and a chandelier”?

  • Anonymous

    Well, well done and who do not like do not do At the cottage goes

  • Well done !!! The wall is just a masterpiece!

  • no one

    the option of a green wall is normal, the rest is complete nonsense, a dust collector for an apartment and completely fragile, and more often traumatic furniture

  • Dmitriy

    Boxes on the street will become fragile in a year. You will fall into the floor of the veranda, the table will crumble, the green wall will collapse, and the child will become disabled, falling from a deferred swing. Forward!

  • Anonymous

    Poof and storage boxes — a good idea!

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