15 photos of stars that should not have appeared on the network

They would like to forget about these photos once and for all! To tell the truth, many celebrities simply dream that these pictures simply do not exist. But alas ...

The most interesting thing is that the stars themselves often become the culprits of their own shame, forgetting that the lives of public figures are always under targeted attention. We collected the most ridiculous cadres of celebrities who were published online.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Legion-Media

This photo almost brought Kim Kardashian to depression ... Indeed, in the microblogging of the star, her body, no matter how cool, looks completely different. In general, the secular diva had to make excuses and say that cellulite and stretch marks she was only drawn in Photoshop. True, then Kim still admitted that when she saw herself from the outside, she began to train more intensively and even went on a diet. Fortunately, the result was not long in coming. After a few weeks, Kardashian pleased the fans with a taut figure.In general, the picture was a great motivation to get in shape.

Renee Zellweger

Photo: Getty Images

The star of Bridget Jones's Diary was in such a hurry to come to a charity event to give a fiery speech that she forgot ... to wash her hair. With such a disposition, all public attention that night was focused not on her speech and words, but on her stale appearance and dirty head. Fortunately, after that we no longer saw the actress in this image.

Sophie Marceau

Photo: Getty Images

The 48-year-old Frenchwoman is no longer bare for the first time, even if by accident, in public. By the way, not the first time at the Cannes Film Festival! If the last time Sophie's dress strapped off the strap and everyone could see the actress's chest, this time the wind flaunted her underwear. I am glad that the figure of the actress will be envied by any 20-year-old girl.

Julia Roberts

Photo: Getty Images

What guided the main “beauty” of Hollywood, going to a social event with unshaven armpits and in an open dress? At that time, Julia zealously advocated for the rights of women ... But it seems that at that moment no one heard her words, everyone was discussing her appearance.More Roberts did not experiment, but the photo remained a reminder.

Jennifer Lawrence

Photo: Getty Images

A real record holder for falls on the carpet! Everyone remembers her crown fall on the stairs on the way to the coveted Oscar. Laying on the steps, Lawrence in a white dress from Dior had a lot of fun for her fans and her colleagues. But this fall is not over. The girl loves long dresses and high heels, but can not always wear them correctly. At the premiere of the next part of The Hunger Games, Jennifer was entangled in a luxurious plum dress and stumbled, almost showing off her chest.

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