14 most insane and creative hairstyles for children

Children's parties are already in no way inferior to adults. Young guests want to impress others in their original way. And the hair does not play the last value. Colorful hairspray, unusual decorations and a little inspiration, and your child will be the star of any holiday!

Festive tree

Regardless of the time of year such an image will be a real hit. Winter holidays - this is of course dressed up needles. Do not forget the green hairspray and cardboard star.

In the autumn, fix yellow leaves in your hair, and in summer and spring artificial flowers. Make the branches out of your hair by placing a soft wire between them.

Favorite characters

Use a hairstyle instead of a mask. Draw on her animals or characters that are associated with the theme of the holiday.

To create on the head of the reindeer Rudolph need a few colored brushes (they are sold in stores for creativity), a couple of peepholes for animals and scarlet pompons.

Bulk hair figurines are easy to make using plastic bottles or balls as a base. Stock up on lacquer ultra strong fixation.

Sometimes it is enough to have a cardboard figure attached to the hair and some colored lacquer.

Toys as accessories

Where else is the place for toys if not near children? You can even in their hairstyles. For the most frightening images - a plastic skeleton, woven into a braid.

Lego figures are always fun. And blue hair will depict the highest waves.

The most delicious treat

Let the "sweet table" begin even during the preparation for the holidays. And his teeth will not deteriorate. Use as an addition to the hairstyle molds for real cupcakes.

Another easy way to give your hair a sweet look is to add a paper plate to it. Then the simplest hairstyle will look like a lush donut.

In general, children should stay away from sweet soda. But for the hair, you can make an exception.

Bright fantasy

Hair can be painted using gouache or dry pastel. In the second case, apply the dye to wet hair. You can achieve almost any color or combination of them!

Glue small things to the hairstyle or to the face with medical glue. You can buy it in a pharmacy. It is easily washed off with water and does not harm the hair or skin.

Ordinary braids tied to balls with helium will turn the owner of such a hairstyle into an object of increased attention.

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