116 release. Habitat - Dirty Money

Habitat - Dirty Money

Habitat - Dirty money.

Remember: you can not throw out a broken thermometer in any case. We must call 01 and call the Ministry of Emergency Situations or bring all the waste to the center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.


In the modern habitat there are many invisible dangers. To notice them on time, remember:


If you find radioactive money in your wallet, contact the Radon service. Phone in Moscow +7 (499) 248-19-11. Or call 01.
When finishing the premises, experts advise against the use of granite. It is better to choose marble or artificial materials, they do not emit radiation.
Remember: in Moscow, the monuments of Marshal Zhukov, Pushkin and Dostoevsky increased the radiation level.
Air the living space at least twice a day. This significantly reduces the concentration in the air of harmful substances evaporated by furniture, building materials and machinery.
Require the seller documents on the furniture. On any sofa, wardrobe or table there should be a declaration of conformity. There must be a certificate for children's furniture.These documents ensure that the furniture is safe.
Older fluorescent lamps can be dangerous. If you have such a lamp hanging at your home, in the stairwell, or at the school where your child is studying, you need to replace it with a new-style lamp.


These tips will help you make your living environment safe.

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