10 nontrivial ideas with what to wear a down jacket this winter

We will not be cunning, if we say that with the arrival of puhovikov on the podium, everything was not so simple. This thing was considered for so long unfashionable, too utilitarian and for designers not too attractive, that "responsibility" for it was taken by specialized brands, and all the others simply preferred to avoid it.

The first "swallows" of the fact that down jackets will take this and return to fashion will return to fashion, last year's autumn-winter collections of Fendi and Moschino: the first beat this thing in the style of the fairy tale about the Snow Queen with fur boots and white bandages on her head, and the second - in the spirit of street fashion, as in the clips of rappers in the 2000s with an abundance of acid shades and details with logos. And to watch how, with their light hands, the down jacket suddenly evolved into the most original thing in the image, it was so entertaining that I wanted more and more. A year later, already in the autumn-winter collections of 2016/2017, designers showed that down jackets are really capable of much, and by exercising over their shape, color and cut, you can come to unexpectedly interesting results.As a result of these experiments, we learned that down jackets can also be a blanket, as if it were the costume of the Michelin advertising hero, and even some kind of evening bolero jacket with open shoulders, and it is easy to combine them with any clothes and shoes - pleated skirts, boots, leggings, shoes with rhinestones and everything you want. Ten vivid examples of this downy "anarchy" we gathered in this review.

With a denim dress

Mark Marques'Almeida in the literal sense of thinking broadly when it comes to down jackets. Short to the middle of the thigh, or almost long to the ankle, all their models resemble cozy blankets with sleeves, and the fitted silhouette of a denim dress only emphasizes this too loose fit.

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