10 advantages of being a bachelor

Many girls dream to meet the other half and get married as soon as possible. But in fact, “idle” to be not so bad!

The benefits of a free life

So, the top 10 benefits of being a free woman:

  1. Freedom of choice and action. Many married women are deprived of the opportunity to do what they want without thinking about the consequences and the opinion of the spouse. And if you are a "bachelor", then you definitely will not be limited, and in anything. You will be able to communicate and meet with anyone you want, and at the same time no one will tell you that “this girlfriend is too bad for you” or “a former classmate has some mercenary intentions.” You will be able to spend your money as you see fit, and even after buying the second pair of expensive shoes you will not be reproached. And you can give as much time as you like to your favorite occupation, even if it seems odd, boring or unacceptable to others.
  2. No need to change habits and lifestyle. Undoubtedly, after marriage, you will have to change some of your habits and even life principles.For example, if you really love fish, but your spouse does not tolerate it, then you have to cook and even try other dishes. If you are a real owl, that is, lie down in the morning and wake up only by noon, and your husband is a lark, then you will have to change the regime a little, how difficult it would not be. And being free, you can live the way you lived before.
  3. You can build a career without damage. Many women have a choice at some point: children and family or career. Choosing the first option, for some time you will have to forget about work and core activities and, therefore, lose some professional skills. Yes, some do not stop working throughout pregnancy and even after childbirth, but not everyone has this opportunity. But being absolutely “idle”, you can wholly and completely surrender to a career and direct all your forces towards your career. By the way, according to statistics, it is women who are not burdened with relationships that often become successful businesswomen.
  4. More time for yourself. Yes, it is pleasant and even useful to be a free woman because all the time you can devote yourself only to your beloved.You will be able to go out with friends, go to the cinema, conduct beauty, relaxation and wellness procedures, read magazines and books, listen to your favorite music, go shopping, spend time in the garden or on the beach and do other pleasant things that most married women just is not the time.
  5. You can not perform routine and hateful duties, such as washing and ironing ties, shirts and pants, preparing several dishes two or three times a week (or even every day), picking up dirty socks and so on. You can cook something for yourself or go with a friend to a restaurant. A dress to iron is much easier. And nobody will reproach you for unwashed floors and dishes or for uncleaned things in the closet. You are a free woman who has the right to do whatever she wants and not to do what she does not love and does not know how.
  6. It is also convenient and pleasant to be a “bachelor” because you can relax, not share personal space with anyone and feel like a full-fledged mistress. Feel free to wear your favorite stretched and faded T-shirt, put on the shelf in the bathroom the thirty-ninth jar with cream or lotion for heels,sleep across the bed in a starfish pose, sing loudly in the shower, even if you don’t have voice and hearing, eat cookies in bed, laugh loudly with grunting at the tenth viewing of your favorite, albeit slightly stupid comedy, wipe bitter tears during “snotty” melodrama In general, in your personal nest be a queen.
  7. You can choose any men, get a lot of attention and flirt without remorse. It is not a secret for anybody that for a woman male attention is the best elixir of youth and a pleasant addition to a free life. You can test your feminine charms and tricks in action at any time. If you are invited to a date, you will certainly go to him and get a lot of new pleasant impressions and emotions, and then share them with your friends. You can receive gifts from fans and not think about what someone thinks badly about you.
  8. If you believe the statistics, then often free ladies look much more fresh, attractive and young than their married peers. No wonder: they get enough sleep and do not spend time on household chores unloved by many, they have the opportunity to attend fitness clubs and beauty salons,they enjoy their favorite pursuits and, of course, "bachelors" bathe in the attention of the opposite sex, and this also helps to fight with extra pounds and wrinkles.
  9. A free life without commitment and with a lot of free time is the best time to learn new skills and knowledge, develop and improve oneself. Have you dreamed of getting a driver's license? Then sign up for a driving school! Do you dream to master the basics of sewing? It's time to start doing it! Have you dreamed of singing since childhood? Why not find a vocal teacher and start taking lessons from him? Do you want to get a new profession? Nobody and nothing will prevent you from enrolling in a higher education institution, attending lectures and preparing for exams.
  10. You absolutely do not know what experiences, quarrels and stresses, and also reproaches are. Family life is connected with a lot of reasons for disputes, misunderstandings and heated discussions. And if opinions do not agree, this can lead to a real scandal. And if you are an absolutely free and unburdened woman, you can say anything and express your pointlessly on any occasion.You will not be shown to be wrong, not reproached, and will not try to put pressure on you. This means that the causes of stress will be much less.

Should I change freedom for family happiness?

Even among men, "avid" and "eternal" bachelors are becoming less. And if we talk about women, then they need to take care of someone and devote themselves to someone laid literally at the genetic level.

So even a “bachelor” who is proud and enjoying her freedom can suddenly feel that she really wants to wait for her husband from work, prepare him breakfasts, lunches and dinners and wash socks and shirts. And this is absolutely normal. If such thoughts have started to visit you, then it’s probably time to change the status of “free” to “married” or at least for the first time to “fall in love”.

If the dreams of the family evaporate because of the frightening thoughts that you have to change a lot, then let them not bother you.

  • First, some changes can be very positive, pleasant, and even beneficial. You will probably start doing more if you start to get up early. You might like to cook.
  • Secondly, as is well known, the one who does not risk does not drink champagne.And it is better to desire what I did, than about what I could not do. In other words, if you don’t like being a married lady, you can change your status again at any time.
  • And, thirdly, you can meet a person who will accept you for who you are.

Enjoy your freedom while you can!

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